Perfriff ♡


NAME: Carol Marie Abbott
GENDER: Female ♀
AGE: 25
HEIGHT: 5’8” / 173cm
WEIGHT: 129lbs / 58.5kg
BIRTHDAY: December 25 (Capricorn)

HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Bright Blue
VOICE: Clear
BODY: Slender
SPECIAL: Her ears are pierced.

Carol is the eldest Abbott child and considers it her responsibility to be the maturest, despite how hot-headed and judgmental she can be. Levi likes to annoy her precisely because of how uptight she is and Carol wishes she could sock him in the face. She is amicable with her other siblings but doesn't feel like she can open up around them.

Even though she’s not currently in hot water, Carol wants to move out of the house soon. She craves a more independent lifestyle, free from having to look over her shoulder.

LIKES: Jewels, red lipstick, cow calves, mille crêpes, the color pink, perfume
DISLIKES: Monkeys (toys are fine), rodents, loud music
HOBBIES: Shopping at brand stores; Practicing calligraphy; Scrapbooking

Levi (Younger Brother)
Gabriel (Younger Brother)
Will (Younger Brother)
Amelia (Younger Sister)

  • She often takes Will and Amelia to movies when they come out, with the twins tagging along if they’re free.
  • Carol has never been involved with romance because of her staunch avoidance of intimacy on top of finding it hard to accept that she likes women. She tends to push others away when lashing out.
  • She easily becomes nauseated by greasy or oily foods.
  • Her favorite kind of pie is cherry pie.