Perfriff ♡


NAME: Gabriel James Abbott
> NICKNAME: Gabby, Gabe
GENDER: Male ♂
AGE: 22
HEIGHT: 6’1” / 185cm
WEIGHT: 157lbs / 71.2kg
BIRTHDAY: October 2 (Libra)
OCCUPATION: Bookshop Employee, Student

HAIR: Light Blond
EYES: Sky Blue
VOICE: Lulling
BODY: Slim, somewhat fit
SPECIAL: He has two moles on his right cheek. The lock of hair framing his left cheek is longer than the rest of his hair.

Gabriel is known as a gentle spirit and takes care of his younger siblings. He gets along with people but he has no close friends. He has never fallen in love and doesn't seem to notice the affection he gets.

When he’s alone, Gabriel is overcome by self-pity and despair. His poor mental health distresses him but he does his best to maintain a normal appearance. Carol tells Gabriel that he needs to grow out of his dependency on Levi but Gabriel refuses to acknowledge it openly.

LIKES: Works of fiction, goats, popcorn, apples, oil paintings
DISLIKES: Orange juice, casseroles, beans
HOBBIES: Reading; Gardening

Carol (Older Sister)
Levi (Fraternal Twin)
Will (Younger Brother)
Amelia (Younger Sister)

  • Gabriel is the younger twin.
  • He feels greatly inferior to Levi.
  • He is favored by his mother but Gabriel only sees it as evidence he needs coddling.
  • He used to be a choir boy.
  • Gabriel has frequent nosebleeds. He also has a nervous habit of scratching his skin.
  • His favorite kind of pie is apple pie.