Perfriff ♡


NAME: Alexis Dubois
GENDER: Male ♂
AGE: 16
HEIGHT: 5’6” / 168cm
WEIGHT: 124lbs / 56.2kg
BIRTHDAY: March 3 (Pisces)
ETHNICITY: French, Japanese

HAIR: Light Brown
EYES: Navy
VOICE: Boyish
BODY: Scrawny
SPECIAL: He has a beauty mark below the left (his left) corner of his lip.

Lexi desperately wants to become a stronger person. He thrives off attention and laughter but lately he's been wondering if there's something more that he desires.

He can be a little sensitive, especially if he is teased over his mom or brother. Lexi directs the conversation away from them if they’re mentioned and has even pretended that he is an only child. He regrets this avoidance and is working on being less cowardly. Lexi wants to patch the distance between him and Milly but finds it to be a struggle to actually execute.

To avoid feeling lonely when no one is home, Lexi distracts himself with just about anything—games, friends, stories he wants to make, or maybe even thinking about the person he likes. He doesn’t like people coming over so he sticks to his phone or laptop when he wants to chat.

LIKES: Instant noodles, manga, gyoza, foxes
DISLIKES: Dressing formally, boiled eggs, vacuums, showing his drawings
HOBBIES: Playing video games; Making comics

Élodie (Mother)
Milly (Older Half-Sibling)
CTB (Maternal Cousin)
Angie (Maternal Cousin)

Will (Friend, Crush)
Carmen (Childhood Friend)
Tomo & Juuzou (Friends)
Noel (Friend, Rival)
Levi (Mildly Disliked Acquaintance)

  • Milly and Lexi have different fathers. Lexi has never met either of them.
  • He has a serious crush on Will and it’s his first time having feelings for a boy. Lexi doesn’t think he’ll ever tell anyone about it but he keeps vying for Will’s attention anyway.
  • Courtesy of Tomo, Lexi visits Japan over the summer. He knows Japanese because of his mom’s friend who took care of him often.
  • Lexi is easily jealous but he tries his best not to act on it. Still, his friendship with Noel is a bit awkward.
  • He has a somewhat silly dislike of Levi. It’s nothing serious and Levi thinks it’s funny.