Perfriff ♡


NAME: Noel Alfie Winston
GENDER: Male ♂
AGE: 15
HEIGHT: 5’9” / 176cm
WEIGHT: 134lbs / 60.8kg
BIRTHDAY: January 10 (Capricorn)
ETHNICITY: English, Chinese

HAIR: Dark Brown
EYES: Dark Brown
VOICE: Timid
BODY: Lanky

Noel is the single child of a glamorous socialite and some unknown gentleman. He does fine in school but can be awkward around classmates, noticeably withdrawn and fidgety. Will is his best friend and he's grateful that he can be around someone like him, especially since he's too shy to talk with new people.

New feelings concerning Will trouble Noel. He finds it tiresome to listen to Will rave about his latest crush and is uncomfortable being near him. It scares Noel to think he's growing out of their friendship and hopes he can get over it soon.

LIKES: Baguettes, lollipops, geese, graham crackers
DISLIKES: Peas, being away from Mummy, large worms
HOBBIES: Riding horses; Writing in his diary

  • He always feels embarrassed at events his mother drags him to.
  • Noel is content with not having a father in his life and wouldn’t like it if his mother married someone.