Perfriff ♡


NAME: Milan Dubois
GENDER: Nonbinary (Milly is fine being called he or she)
AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 5’8” / 172cm
WEIGHT: 124lbs / 56.2kg
BIRTHDAY: September 30 (Libra)
ETHNICITY: French, partially Korean

HAIR: Chestnut Brown
EYES: Jade Green
VOICE: Somber
BODY: Slender, underweight
SPECIAL: Milly has a beauty mark above the right (his right) side of his upper lip and another sitting on the top of his left cheekbone. He has some more moles scattered on his body as well.

For most of Milly’s life he has been distant, struggling to pay attention in school and make friends. Even as an adult, Milly is still shy about speaking but he appreciates the company of the few people close to him. The mere presence of his boyfriend is comforting and it helps him to feel less lonely. Milly also tries to connect with his little brother by learning about his interests and watching the series he likes.

LIKES: Plesiosaurs, chocolate chip cookies, holiday lights, marine life, pistachios
DISLIKES: The smell of any kind of smoke that’s not from a candle
HOBBIES: Roller skating; Looking at fashion; Decorating his diary pages

Lexi (Younger Half-Brother)
CTB (Maternal Cousin)
Angie (Maternal Cousin)

Levi (Boyfriend)

  • Milly is autistic.
  • Oftentimes his feelings differ from what he shows. He’s not good with emoting, usually bearing a neutral expression even when he’s happy.
  • Levi is the first person he's been in a proper relationship with. Milly has liked other guys but it was mostly from afar.
  • Although Milly has always liked feeling feminine he was never sure if he was entirely a girl, on and off with the idea over the years.
  • He is surprisingly flexible and can be found lounging around in strange positions.
  • Milly's diet is mainly vegetarian.