Perfriff ♡

The elusive me...! I was born on November 2nd and am Korean and English. I'm usually in my own little world, always thinking about my characters...

💞 General Likes:
Stickers (❣️), emojis, small plush toys / keychains, Bebichhichi, Gloomy Bear, honey lavender ice cream

📔 My Notebooks:
Hobonichi Techo, Hobonichi Weeks - Daily Diary, Planner
Maruman Mnemosyne N183A Inspiration Notebook (Unruled) - My sketchbook! I'm using the A5 size right now
Traveler's Notebooks (Passport Size) - Always in my bag!
Maruman Croquis Sketchbook - Croquis, Drawing Practice

🖌️ Art Tools:
I am foremost a digital artist so I work in Clip Studio Paint. But I think drawing traditionally is relaxing and a lot of my art starts on paper!

0.28mm Uni-Ball Signo (Black) - Writing, doodling... I like it for its fineness
Uni Mitsubishi Lead Holder (4B) - Sketching
0.3mm Mechanical Pencil - Sketching
Mint Blue Erasable Lead - Sketching
Copic Multiliners - Lining
Pilot Drafting Ink + Deleter Maru Nib - Lining
Tombow ABT Water-based Markers
Copic Ciao Markers
Deleter Screen Tones